With our broad range of products we offer unit packs and bulk packs containing different quantities to you.

Metal fittings

We place emphasis on high quality metal fittings for assembling your woods. On stock are e.g.:

  • post anchors
  • ground sleeves
  • storm anchors
  • post straps
  • screw on shoes
  • shutter hinges
  • brackets and sheets
  • hinges
  • joist hangers
  • mounting brackets

and many more.

Screws, nuts & Co.

We sell wood drills, rock drills, plugs by Fischer and a huge selection of screws like e.g.

  • decking board screws
  • machine screws
  • spacer screws
  • stair and standard bolts
  • flat washers
  • large diameter washers
  • knock-in sockets
  • hooks
  • threaded bars

and further articles.